About Us

Our Background

Our Team had been the Taiwan and China Purchasing Offices of some European Leading company.  We started to work with this big company since 1987 and kept providing the international procurement solution and support to the Group for more than 20 years.

For over two decades we have linked the China and Taiwan Manufacturers to the Group and Customers. With our specialty and strong backing, we had brought the following advantages to the Group:

However, due to German headquarter organizer change, in year 2012 they decided to close Taiwan and China offices. Sadly we had no choice but have to leave the big family group where we have contributed 25 years career life.

But the unexpected change did not extinguish our enthusiasm and love for music and job. After hunkering down, our team built the company ‘Co-Benefit Global Limited’ with the ‘CBG ProAudio’ trade brand, and highly ambitious of creating mutual benefits and achieving successful cooperation between customers and us.

Our Capability and Capacity

Our company designs, produces, sells and custom-made a wide range of product from entry to professional level with user-friendly designs. We have the strategic alliance and exclusive toolings with our partners from different specialized fields, which make us not only a factory but a very close manufacturing network. Our CBG ProAudio brand presents PA speakers, Pro audio devices, amplifiers, wireless systems, mixers, audio cables, connectors, rack or instrument cases, stands, flight case hardware, etc.  The various production lines can offer a large choice to fulfill all types of needs and requirements from you. Our specialized manufacturing network also enables us to offer technical support and well-execution for OEM/ODM product design for the customers.

With our history background, more than 20 years’ experience and knowledge accumulation as well as our strong and wide range of manufacturing base, we are able to introduce the most qualified products, link the best quality with competitive price, and provide the premium service to you. You can buy all your products from us, which is certainly the most cost effective, convenient and easiest way than purchasing from different sources individually.

We always aim at the best mix ratios for quality/prices, minimize the cost and maximum the profits to increase more benefits and further growth of the business together with our customers/partners.


Our Factory Building                                                              Wireless Microphone Workshop                          Cable Workshop                                   

Speaker Workshop                                                                 Speaker Workshop                                                    Wave Soldering Machine            

Stamping Workshop                                                                       Auto-Press Machine 250t                                                             Warehouse


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